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Wednesday, 1 July 2020


Today is the first of July and this morning the first of the dwarf sunflowers opened out and is looking beautiful.  This is the first year I've grown dwarf sunflowers from seed and they are such stunning flowers whether they are large or small.

Last year we had a single tall sunflower, it was an unusual chocolate brown, equally stunning

Sunflowers are very positive life affirming flowers and quite fitting that the first sunflower in my garden opened up today. 

I feel this can be thought of symbolically as a new beginning with happy times ahead. As everyone has experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to live our lives differently, be apart from friends and family and although lock down is easing with some freedoms it has been an unusual six months of 2020 for me.

Having finished one contract at a local school in December, I very fortunately got a dream job at the school I've always wanted to work in in January. I was given the option to start at Easter or September and I opted for September in order to start at the beginning of the academic year and use my time to catch up on home related projects and also some me time activities like visiting galleries and exhibitions. These things were not to be. Lockdown officially started and the kids schools closed in the 2nd week of March. Priorities changed and life was focussed on ensuring they were not bored at home and staying safe. 

Now with three weeks before school term officially ends I've started thinking and planning ahead for the new academic year. It's never to early to plan ahead, ofcourse I don't yet know what my timetable will be and which year groups I will be teaching but I'm very much looking forward to the new chapter, nay new book in my life. This sunflower signifies the joy I am feeling about this. 

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Joyful Heart

What brings you a great feeling of happiness and pleasure? Joyful things happen all around us and if we tune in and look for them it can turn everyday into a positive day.
For me it's the simple things like hearing birdsong outside my bedroom window, roses and sunflowers in bloom and stunning sunsets, the laughter amongst family and friends or reading a book in peace.

Here is my mini painting 'Joyful Heart'

"A joyful heart is open and allows in all the colours of life, a joyful heart is ready to celebrate and learn and express gratitude and find happiness in simple things and 
the beauty of mother nature's work", Ema Hossain, April 2020

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Viral pandemic related lockdown and social distancing

Being in the midst of a lockdown can be a positive experience if we use the spare time we have to focus on ourselves.  We are only entering the fourth month of 2020 and with the unprecedented changes to the way we are living due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are very uncertain about our futures. We are having to cancel travel plans, socialising, celebrating birthdays and marriages and many are working from home. For some this can be a good experience but for many the home environment is not conducive to work. Certainly many people continuing with vital and heroic work on the front line treating patients or in one of the myriad of key jobs such which help the chain of transport, movement of goods and services, cleaning  and supporting roles which is helping to keep vital services running during the current lockdown. For many this enforced time of staying at home is beginning to  involved a lot of self reflection.

Being in this situation when the world has essentially slowed down for many of us is a great opportunity to relax, no more rushing to get ready and catch the bus or train or jump in to drive in rush hour traffic.  We can relax and cook a meal at lunch time instead of biting into a sandwich whilst scrolling on our mobile phones.

My mini painting 'Re-think'

It's an excellent time to re-think our goals and plans for the rest of the year. Are we being honest with ourselves and is what we want to do in future realistic and is it right for us? 

Re-inventing yourself seems like a difficult perhaps even impossible task but it's really not. It's all down to your mind set and being honest about your starting point. It starts with focussing on yourself. There's going to be a gap between who you are now and who you want to be perceived as. Start by being honest with yourself. Do you have all the skills and understanding you ned to be a better version of yourself. If not, what do you need to do to bridge any gaps. Perhaps you want to become a writer but you aren't confident about how to tell your story, what could you do? You could research other writers who are doing what you want to do. You could take a writing course, you would begin by living like a writer. This would mean instead of dreaming of being a writer you would do what writers do everyday, you would write. This could apply to sports, a career change, even an image change. Have the vision and take daily actions to manifest into being. 

This is my mini painting 'Self'

Ofcourse no man is an island as the saying goes, so  when thinking about yourself, you also have to acknowledge your social network ( friends, family, partners, children, work collegues etc) that is any one who might not actually want you to change because there usually are people who might be holding you back form becoming that better version of you. They might not actually be saying anything to you but it could be the fear of upsetting them. We might have to consider the responsibilities we have and have to make changes in a sustainable way. The future is coming whether we like it or not. In 24 hours it will be a new day. But we can choose to to have a better future. 

My art work - FOMO (Fear of missing out) 

Think about the thinks you are saying "yes" to and by doing so what are you saying "no" to? you have the same number of hours in the day as everyone else. If you are spending time doing extra travelling into work then perhaps you won't have time for that evening class. What can you do? Prioritise things and don't be afraid to cross of thing on your too do list and turn a few things into non negotiable must do things. Put yourself in the picture, make it about "Me". If you are happy and well rested that will have a positive impact on those you love. 

Get into a new frame of mind, stop worrying about missing out on things and appreciate what you have now. Turn FOMO ( Fear of missing out) into JOMO (Joy of missing out), if you are saying no to what others expect you to join in with like social media that might be cutting into your free time, then it is a joy to say no to that and enjoy what you actually have been wanting to do for a while, even if that is something really straight forward like reading a book.  Don't worry about "Them", they are part of your life, the people you work with, socialise with etc but they are not you and they are not in your shoes. They will never experience life the way you do, nobody can. You are unique and once you accept that you can stop worrying about what you "could, would, should" and do the things that have meaning for you, things that pave the way for the happiness you deserve in life. 

Look after your health. Your body was with you before you took your first birth and will be with you till your last. Yes your body will change but it houses you. By making time to pamper, respect and care for your body through exercise and a healthy diet , you are making it easier for your body to cope with things that come it's way. Considering your mental health is also important. Get the support you need for anything you need help with. Don't let fear stop you asking for help. Don't let fear stop you from thinking and planning for things outside your current perceived box. You are amazing and capable of incredible things. You need time to sit and think and plan what amazing things you want to do and achieve. Now with the enforced lock down, unless you are doing the amazing job of all the key workers right now, taking care of people and important services, you might be one of many people who have some time on their hands. Why not use this time to formulate a plan to invent yourself into a happier more fulfilled version of yourself. Plant it,  take baby steps and make changes, see it happening in your mind, trust the timing and manifest your dreams. 

Thursday, 26 March 2020

My art work : 'Do Not Assume"

It as been a few weeks since I last blogged, but everyone will be aware that with the build up of the situation with Covid-19, there has been other things to focus on.

It's also due to the viral pandemic that the Wallace Collection has had to close and therefore the Friday late curated by Momtaz Begum Hossain and all the activities she had organised were now unfortunately not going ahead. This included the art trail of art by South Asian artists including myself.

Forgotten Masters Wallace Collection

Here is the finished piece I created especially for this exhibition.
It is called Do Not Assume and is based on the DNA molecule

DNA is a biological molecule that is the blueprint of all the genetic material that you inherited from your parents, it makes you who you are. Your DNA is unique to you and directs the way you look, with your natural  body shape, hair and eye colour. You have inherited a lot of your characteristics but there is evidence that the information you have inherited is only half the story, of who you become,  how you behave and think as a person because that is largely affected by what you’ve learnt, your environment, the people you mix with, particularly the thoughts you think.

My new artwork especially for this exhibition gets you to think about your DNA differently. My design is based on switching the actual chemical bases for empowering words. In an actual DNA molecule Adenine would bond with Thymine but in my DNA , the Adenine becomes “Attitude” and Thymine becomes “Thoughts” etc , the idea is the molecule DNA stands for “Do Not Assume” anything, you have the power to transform your life, with the right thinking and planning you can achieve your dreams and improve every part of your life.

here is my design : Do Not Assume by Ema Hossain , March 2020

Monday, 2 March 2020

Fruit Paintings

Here are some of my food watercolour painting postcards.


kiwi fruit

pomegranate and banana postcards


Monday, 24 February 2020

My winning design for a child's duvet cover

This photo is the copyright of Fou Furnishings and shows my winning design in 2010 for a children's duvet design competition.

This design called "Love to Learn" was inspired by reading, learning and nature so I included letters, numbers, animals and shapes.

Fou Furnishings is a Soil Association certified company specialising in organic bedding. In 2009 during the Soil Association, Organic Fortnight week they held a competition to design a children's duvet and it coincided with their launch of new organic collections for babies and children.  My design was one of two winners.

The company made up my design as a limited edition duvet in 330 thread count organic cotton which means it feels beautifully soft and smooth and it was sold  for £65.
I'm very proud of this design and one of my children still has her duvet on her bed.

Saturday, 22 February 2020


Roses are one of my favourite flowers so it's no surprise I enjoy painting them. Below are examples of some of my mini paintings inspired by roses.


mixed media 

Acrylic- roses 




mixed media

this is one of my favourite ACEO sized artworks 

mixed media 

mixed media 

Greeting card, watercolour 

I  will be painting more artwork with roses in the future both on mini canvas and ACEO and will be listing them for sale on my Folksy shop, which I am very excited to be re- opening next month!