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Thursday, 26 March 2020

My art work : 'Do Not Assume"

It as been a few weeks since I last blogged, but everyone will be aware that with the build up of the situation with Covid-19, there has been other things to focus on.

It's also due to the viral pandemic that the Wallace Collection has had to close and therefore the Friday late curated by Momtaz Begum Hossain and all the activities she had organised were now unfortunately not going ahead. This included the art trail of art by South Asian artists including myself.

Forgotten Masters Wallace Collection

Here is the finished piece I created especially for this exhibition.
It is called Do Not Assume and is based on the DNA molecule

DNA is a biological molecule that is the blueprint of all the genetic material that you inherited from your parents, it makes you who you are. Your DNA is unique to you and directs the way you look, with your natural  body shape, hair and eye colour. You have inherited a lot of your characteristics but there is evidence that the information you have inherited is only half the story, of who you become,  how you behave and think as a person because that is largely affected by what you’ve learnt, your environment, the people you mix with, particularly the thoughts you think.

My new artwork especially for this exhibition gets you to think about your DNA differently. My design is based on switching the actual chemical bases for empowering words. In an actual DNA molecule Adenine would bond with Thymine but in my DNA , the Adenine becomes “Attitude” and Thymine becomes “Thoughts” etc , the idea is the molecule DNA stands for “Do Not Assume” anything, you have the power to transform your life, with the right thinking and planning you can achieve your dreams and improve every part of your life.

here is my design : Do Not Assume by Ema Hossain , March 2020

Monday, 2 March 2020

Fruit Paintings

Here are some of my food watercolour painting postcards.


kiwi fruit

pomegranate and banana postcards


Monday, 24 February 2020

My winning design for a child's duvet cover

This photo is the copyright of Fou Furnishings and shows my winning design in 2010 for a children's duvet design competition.

This design called "Love to Learn" was inspired by reading, learning and nature so I included letters, numbers, animals and shapes.

Fou Furnishings is a Soil Association certified company specialising in organic bedding. In 2009 during the Soil Association, Organic Fortnight week they held a competition to design a children's duvet and it coincided with their launch of new organic collections for babies and children.  My design was one of two winners.

The company made up my design as a limited edition duvet in 330 thread count organic cotton which means it feels beautifully soft and smooth and it was sold  for £65.
I'm very proud of this design and one of my children still has her duvet on her bed.

Saturday, 22 February 2020


Roses are one of my favourite flowers so it's no surprise I enjoy painting them. Below are examples of some of my mini paintings inspired by roses.


mixed media 

Acrylic- roses 




mixed media

this is one of my favourite ACEO sized artworks 

mixed media 

mixed media 

Greeting card, watercolour 

I  will be painting more artwork with roses in the future both on mini canvas and ACEO and will be listing them for sale on my Folksy shop, which I am very excited to be re- opening next month! 

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

fashion inspired cards and brooches

Last week was London fashion week 2020 and I've been inspired to look through some of the cards and brooches I designed and made using Liberty print fabrics.

I'm planning some more gorgeous little fabric dress cards this year !

Friday, 14 February 2020

Paper roses for Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day

My daughter asked me to show her how to make paper roses. She wanted to make four red roses to take to school for her friends. The came out beautifully. We made them look extra special by putting them in piping bags and used gold ribbon. So pretty and professional looking. I'm sure her school friends will be delighted with them.

I've previously made little paper rose magnets and rings made with beautiful floral Italian Carte Varese paper, like these below.

This little paper rose ring was made with a blue spotty design paper

Hand drawn greeting cards

Hand drawing original cards are special. Each is an artwork and can't be reproduced exactly which means each card is one of a kind As well as card, I make laminated placements, here is one, an ink  ink drawing inspired by tea time on card. These are very resilient and  have one I still used. that was made several years ago.

All my greeting cards are unique in this way. I don't use a template or tracing paper, I recreate the design and often it has slight differences, sometimes I just let the pen go with the flow. I enjoy the free style uniqueness of making hand drawn greeting cards. This greeting card was  inspired by a gold sequinned vintage scarf which I purchased twenty years ago. The ink drawing below was done on linen paper and then mounted on pearlescent gold card creating a luxurious card.