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Saturday, 3 September 2022

Thinking About Tea

 I love drinking tea, it's often the first drink of the day and also the last with several refreshing cups in between.  I first drank tea when I started secondary  school the year I turned 12.  It was the perfect warming and refreshing after school drink back in the day when I had a long bus journey that took almost an hour. My mother would give me a sweet hot cup in a little arcopal white mug which had a beautiful red rose design on it. 

My mother would also make quite strong sweet  little cups of teas for my father which she made by boiling the tea with spices like cinnamon and cardamom creating the rich heady scent of chai. It was not until I was doing my own tea shopping that I realised just how many wonderful varieties of teas are available. I would look longingly at the fancy tea packages and want to try them all but would never buy them unable to justify paying so much for a packet of teas, what if I didn't like them. 

That feeling of wanting to taste teas from everywhere has always stayed with me and now though many brands and flavours are readily available, I still want to taste them all without buying a box unless I am sure I would like the flavour for example if it was mint tea, breakfast tea or chai.  I also love to receive tea as gifts.  I got thinking, what if I create the product that I'd like to receive. A tea tasting selection full of exciting, fancy, interesting teas, not too many but just a few to make it a special treat. It should be packaged so that it fits through the letter box so that there is no missing the postal delivery.  

This led me to creating an Etsy shop I've called Thinking Of Tea. 
The concept of Thinking About Tea is a letterbox gift that you can treat yourself or a loved one to. It will have 6 tea bags and a handmade paper coaster (unique hand decorated) , wrapped in tissue. I'll theme the teas so they are perfect for particular flavour profiles, occasions or celebrations. 

I wanted to start the business with minimal cost, focussing the expense on the product. I decided that a quick sketch would be more suitable than a long thought out design for the logo of my tea taster shop.
I like the design that was created on an ipad, it has an informality to it, and I think will work for attracting all ages of tea lovers and potential fans. 

I came up with this particular 'Thinking Of Tea' name because I had literally spent all morning thinking about tea and all the different tea blends I wanted to try.  I thought about how if I wanted to feel relaxed I'd have a cup of chamomile, after dinner I'd enjoy a fresh minty cup, how I'd buy an expensive tea packet as a gift. It felt very exciting to plan the type of collections I would be offering to my customers. 

Logo for 'Thinking of Tea' 

I will continue writing about te and my new venture with my new blog 'Thinking about Tea'

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