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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

my studio space

my studio space 

I am really liking my new studio space.  It's nice to have somewhere to work that isn't another room in the house. I do enjoy working from home but one of the problems is that it is difficult to stop working. It was easy to pick things to do more work on at all hours. It isn't good for a work life balance and neither for being accurate with costings for time and materials as that can get vague when we treat a business like a hobby. 
So what's in my studio : 

You can see the clothes rack with the freshly dyed yellow cotton t-shirts. 

In the next room, I have freshly washed dyed t-shirts drying 

the colours here are flamingo pink and some creatively coloured t-shirts in shaded of olive green

I dye all my t-shirts by hand. I add the salt and dye to a water bath and then put the white cotton t-shirts in and swirl them around, rinse and then wash in the machine with non bio soap powder. 

dyeing cotton shades of lavender

I try to get some patchy effects on purpose, because I like my t-shirts to look as if they have been hand dyed. Machine dyeing produces a uniform colour but feels a waste to me, as I may as well buy the t-shirt in that colour. 

I am however not too keen on the full tie tied effect. I like subtle creases and stains of colours, creating a striking or even subtle marbling effect. It makes my items individual and creates a one of a kind item. 

my market stall 

pretty t-shirts, skirts and leggings

here are some floral hand painted and tea time designs

crocodile and bird Indian block printed designs

The ready to buy t-shirts are then stored in a walnut coloured wardrobe to keep them clean and dust free.

My new t-shirts and vest collection for children will consist of colours which have been inspired by these autumn leaves.  From this photo, I have chosen to dye the t-shirts the following colours : mottled olive, golden yellow and decided the added vibrancy with flamingo pink  and lavender  would be great for this season. Autumn is after all a time to unwind and relax and also celebrate.

I am really  happy to have a studio space a few minutes walk from my home.  I like clutter free functional spaces, so although it is looking bare  it will pretty much stay the same apart from having a coffee table and some art on the walls.

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