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Friday, 14 February 2020

Hand drawn greeting cards

Hand drawing original cards are special. Each is an artwork and can't be reproduced exactly which means each card is one of a kind As well as card, I make laminated placements, here is one, an ink  ink drawing inspired by tea time on card. These are very resilient and  have one I still used. that was made several years ago.

All my greeting cards are unique in this way. I don't use a template or tracing paper, I recreate the design and often it has slight differences, sometimes I just let the pen go with the flow. I enjoy the free style uniqueness of making hand drawn greeting cards. This greeting card was  inspired by a gold sequinned vintage scarf which I purchased twenty years ago. The ink drawing below was done on linen paper and then mounted on pearlescent gold card creating a luxurious card.

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